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Gdów, Gdów
Gdów, Gdów
Gdów, Gdów
Gdów, Gdów
Gdów, Gdów
Gdów, Gdów

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Plot for Sale

Gdów, Gdów

Industrial 14523 m2
2 000 000 zł 138 zł / m2

Gdów, Gdów


Royal Space is pleased to present an offer to sell a 145-ares industrial plot in Gdów.

Plots no. 891/35 rev. Gdów located at ul. Przemysłowa, in the area of intended use of production facilities, services, warehouses and warehouses. The plot in question is located 14 km from the A4 motorway exit in Zakrzów and less than 21 km from the administrative border of Kraków. Gdów itself is crossed by two voivodeship roads DW966 and DW967.

1) Primary intended use:
– facilities related to production, manufacturing and processing,
– warehouse and storage facilities, wholesalers,
– administrative buildings,
– retail and craft service facilities.
2) Intended use:
– social facilities,
– technical infrastructure networks and facilities,
– internal roads, parking spaces, parking lots,
– greenery decorated.
3) The architectural form of buildings and facilities should meet the following requirements:
– the height of the buildings cannot exceed 20 m,
– gable and multi-pitched roofs with the same inclination angle of 5 ° ÷ 45 ° are obligatory; arched and shed roofs are also allowed – shed roofs are allowed only as covering the lower parts of the existing or planned buildings being extended; flat roofs are excluded.
4) At least 15% of the investment area should be arranged as a biologically active area,
5) The building area cannot exceed 80% of the investment area,
6) It is not allowed to allocate new plots of land smaller than 45 ares,
7) Maneuvering and parking spaces should be provided within the P / U areas.

Estimated investment assumptions:
1) designation of buildings: industrial, administrative, commercial, warehouse
2) maximum building height: 20m (5 office floors)
3) maximum investment area: 85% (12,344.55 m2)
4) maximum building area: 80% (11 618.4 m2)
5) minimum biologically active area: 15% (2,178.45 m2)
6) parking spaces:
– commercial services facilities – minimum 3 parking spaces per 100 m2 of usable space plus 3 parking spaces per 10 employees
– offices and offices – min. 15 parking spaces per 100 employees
– facilities other than those mentioned in the previous points – min. 10 parking spaces per 100 employees
– For the areas of production facilities, services, warehouses and warehouses, there is an individual analysis of parking needs related to the expected type of activity

1) Fire road around buildings with maneuvering areas – ~ 30% of the area
2) approx. 50 parking spaces (safe estimate) – approx. 1100 m2 (two-sided perpendicular car park with a road) – 7.5% of the area
3) biologically active area – 15% of the area
4) building area ~ 47.5% of the area: ~ 6 898 m2:
– 90% warehouse / production hall: 5900 GLA on one level (high storage hall possible)
– 10% administration / social facilities: installation of a low building up to 12m – 3 floors:
1,440 GLA

• on the way: water, sewage, electricity and gas networks,
• no connection conditions.

PRICE – PLN 2,000,000 net

We cordially invite you to see the property.
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Contact to the broker:

Kacper Kulis
+48 602 382 571

Tomasz Danicki
+48 790 602 800


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