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Lease management Cracow

RS. Management

We will comprehensively and safely take care of your property at every stage of the lease from finding a tenant to expert care throughout the lease.

Lease management

What is the service
rental management?

Lease management is an exclusive one-stop real estate service for the entire process from property appraisal, to finding a verified Tenant, and then settling payments and taking care of the condition of the property.



The property is supervised by an experienced Real Estate Advisor who will guide you through the entire process taking care of your time, which is the most valuable asset nowadays. Through rental management, we will help you feel safe and comfortable at every stage.

Benefits of lease management



The biggest benefit of rental management for the property owner is that without having to “bother” with rental issues, profits regularly flow into his account. At this point, our real estate office takes over all the formalities from finding the perfect tenant to further stages.

Since we have extensive knowledge of the real estate market, we are able to find candidates who will not only settle in for the long term, but also be vetted, thanks to a professional process of evaluation and verification of each potential candidate.

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What does the lease management service include?



Lease management of real estate includes searching for tenants of managed premises, preparing contracts, negotiations, checking and verifying the timely payment of fees, billing for utilities.

In addition, when problems arise during the rental of an apartment, they are reported to the office. The owner at this time does not have to worry about the door creaking or the tap leaking. The owner at this time does not have to worry about coordinating the elimination of defects. Because of the number of clients, our office has proven professionals of various types. By virtue of having a large number of properties in our base, we have several proven professionals in various fields. The service is designed to take the worry away from the property owner, while the money itself will flow into his account.



Transparency and clarity of terms of cooperation

The contract between the owner and the manager is short and specific, and its provisions are negotiable.



We prioritize offers in management, we take care of their positioning on industry portals. We also use non-standard forms of promotion, e.g. advertising, social media communication.


A single, permanent manager to look after the property

You are in contact with one manager for the entire management period, who knows your property very well.


A sense of complete control

We keep the owner informed about our work and the current situation of the property. We are always on call.


No marketing and handling fees

All costs of marketing activities are on our side, without burdening the owner with additional costs.


No charge for finding a tenant

Lease management also includes the search for a tenant , but does not involve an additional cost for brokerage.


No margin for subcontractor services

We do not add a margin to the invoice for subcontractor services.


Charge only if the apartment is rented

We charge a monthly management fee, only when the apartment is rented. Thus, we make sure that the continuity of the lease is maintained.

As a modern real estate office, we do not recognize limitations, and in our cooperation with our
clients we want to give as much as we can. We also offer:


Advice on choosing specific layouts and meters


Financing the purchase


Design and finishing of interiors


Advice on selecting the standard of finishing materials and equipment to maximize the return on investment

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