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The way to take the title of the REAL ESTATE LEADER 2022 according to Otodom!

The way to take the title of the REAL ESTATE LEADER 2022 according to Otodom!

It all started with the fact that, as a young person, I was looking for my further path and path of development, which ideologically did not coincide with the studies I attended. Even then I felt that I was destined for greater things.

At this stage, I had several assumptions of my own about a topic that I strongly connected to entrepreneurship and personal development. I wanted my work to have a strong connection to people and finance. After a short search, I found an industry where I felt I could be fulfilled and accomplished.

I got hired in a real estate office, where for a little over a year of work I learned – I will not hide – a lot in terms of the business of the office, and in particular the work of the Real Estate Agent. I am grateful for this period, because without this experience I would not be where I am today. At the same time, I would like to point out at this stage that the further milestone in my career was due to the desire for further development and to bring the level of operation of the real estate office to another level in Krakow, which was not possible where I worked. There was another very important factor, which I don’t think we understood at the time – we were incredibly turned on by the most expensive apartments and houses in Krakow, which in terms of even the very name of our brand and its genesis where it came from – we wanted to serve and work in the premium market.


During this time, there were several events when the people with whom we jointly started Royal Space met and got to know each other for the first time. Interestingly, from that moment on, there was a kind of chemistry and similar qualities between us. Each of us had the ambition to reach for more, the motivation to do more and an unblemished approach to business i.e. a clean slate, which in effect at a later stage of development made each new step taken a new experience, which we looked at with great curiosity.


There was another most important commonality that accompanied us, and I believe it is crucial to the fact that today we are enjoying historic success since the establishment of Royal Space.

It is a passion, without which all of this would not be the way it is today. It is something that makes us continue to infect others with the real estate market, translating it both to our wonderful Clients, Associates and new people who come to our organization.

This desire to change the attitude towards the realtor as a person who exploits from Clients is our drive that has been with us from the very beginning and is evident in all the materials and all the message we present. From social media, the website and the way we communicate, we show the market our different, personalized approach to everyone.

Today I know that the principles read assumptions, which accompanied the planning of the vision of Royal Space’s operation, pay off year after year and distinguish us in the market, as evidenced, among other things, by the distinction in the competition Otodom Real Estate Leader after a little more than 4 years since the establishment of the company.


Hence Royal Space, which identifies:

  • a royal approach to the customer,
  • luxury properties on offer,
  • a new, open vision and an approach to the brokerage market initiated in the city of Polish Kings – Krakow.

Taking part in the Otodom Real Estate Leader contest, we knew it would be very difficult to win the grand prize in the Malopolska region for several reasons. Among other things, when we competed last year, despite a very good presentation of our office, we did not manage to stand on the podium. After that we didn’t give up, but kept developing our best sides and following Royal Space’s goals. Today, what matters is not just how many transactions you have completed or how many employees you have. What counts is definitely more, like the holistic approach of the office as a company in terms of development and its potential.


As a result, we feel very good about where we are today, creating what is really a tailor-made service that gives us an advantage thanks to several important elements, which are:


  • our approach to the market, to employees who become an integral part of our team,
  • an approach to social media as a tool for the office and the company to continue to grow,
  • a holistic approach in creating new departments.

Each of us today has an assigned role in the team, so that Royal Space keeps moving forward and growing. Our path has not been easy and the amount of excitement that came with frequent meetings, taking newer and newer directions of development. Today we are certainly a better arranged organization from this angle, while it still requires constant work. The people who have joined the team are key to the day-to-day operation of the company and develop Royal Space with sincere passion. The beautiful thing is that we motivate each other and create leaders in the organization who are in charge of new departments such as marketing, rental management, design and interior finishing, commercial and real estate financing.


We built our business from scratch. We were people who had little experience in real estate, but we were united by a common passion. Thanks to it, after only three years, we have built a reputation among customers. We believe that we have proven our value and earned our participation in the Otodom Leader competition. Winning this plebiscite is the culmination of our actions so far, and above all this year, when we have proven strongly on the market and shown our competitors that we can compete with them.


~Krystian Guziejko