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What is a rental management service?

What is a rental management service?

The term lease management in Poland has so far been associated with office or retail properties. Meanwhile, this service is gaining popularity for short and long-term leases. It is used more and more willingly by private individuals who have several rental properties, are out of the country or do not have time to deal with the whole process of finding a new tenant and taking care of them after signing the lease.

Advantages of lease management

The biggest benefit of tenancy management for the property owner is that without having to “bother” with tenancy issues, profits regularly go into his account. At this point, our real estate office takes over all the paperwork from finding the perfect tenant to the next steps. Since we have extensive knowledge of the real estate market, we are able to find candidates who will not only stick around for the long term, but also be completely hassle-free, thanks to a professional process of evaluation and verification of each potential candidate.


What does the rental management service include?

Lease management of real estate includes searching for tenants for managed premises, preparing contracts, negotiating, checking and verifying the timely payment of fees, billing for utilities. In addition, when problems arise in the course of renting an apartment, they are reported to the office. The owner at this time does not have to worry about coordinating the elimination of defects. Due to the fact that we have a large number of properties in our database, we have several proven professionals in various fields. The service is designed to take the worries away from the property owner, while the money itself will flow into his account.


In short, with tenancy management you gain:


✓ A secure and proven tenant

✓ Full security of your property

✓ Saved time otherwise spent searching for a Tenant and managing your property

✓ The care of a specialized team for your property

✓ Full control over payments

✓ You don’t have to worry about formalities



We will comprehensively and safely take care of your property at every stage of the lease from finding a tenant to expert care throughout the lease.