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Why is investment in marketing the key to high sales?

Why is investment in marketing the key to high sales?

Until a few years ago, marketing was associated with large corporations and huge budgets. For a mid-level entrepreneur, it was black magic, a great unknown that generated costs and in return did not produce concrete results. It was hard to determine what the marketing department was really supposed to do, what areas it was supposed to develop, and the informed choice of message media was simply guesswork.

Today the situation is definitely different. The market is well established with companies offering, every possible form of marketing. Business owners determine the necessary marketing budget with full awareness, and the recipient has become sensitive to all forms of pressure that advertising can generate.


Just as large and experienced companies take care of their marketing, in the Polish market developers, real estate listing owners or brokers are still trying to find the right template to attract customers and build brand awareness.

The marketing department of Royal Space is meeting all these inquiries. From the very beginning of the brand, we have placed considerable emphasis on conscious existence in social media and image building. It is on our own mistakes that we have learned behaviors and methods that help in positive advertising.


But what should we write about?

This question is often asked by companies that want to prepare content for their social networks. The marketing department then sends an inquiry to employees or researches the market for slogans and keywords. And the way is definitely easier. A positive image is based on sincerity, clear communication and persistence. It is a long road, often paid for by painstaking work on texts, descriptions and blogs about the company’s activities.
Sometimes employees find the subject boring and not very catchy, while the truth is that for the audience this is the value they will derive from the brand’s website or social networks. Using the example of real estate development companies, we can see that it is the texts that describe their experience, the materials used in the investment or the stories of satisfied associates that will be the best incentive for the customer that it is worth making a purchase with that developer.

Who and what to show?

Another obstacle to building content has a visual dimension. The owner of a real estate listing is considering whether to share visuals, add a floor plan of the building or maybe just photos taken with a phone will suffice. To these and other questions, the answer is simplicity. We want to present the property honestly, so it will be a mistake to include visualizations on the offer, which already at the stage of execution significantly deviated from the assumptions.
And the projections? The projections will be well received by those focused on the technical aspect of the property. So what about those who may have difficulty imagining a flat space? It is the well-made photos that will be an indispensable basis for the offer. It doesn’t matter whether you’re offering a shell or a beautiful interior that you can move into immediately. Simple yet high quality photos and videos will definitely accelerate your sales.

Who to entrust these activities to?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a developer putting up your next big development or the owner of a small apartment for sale, if you want your offer to be effective and quickly find a market response, bet on the experience that the marketing department at Royal Space offers. We know systems, algorithms and schemes, but even more importantly, we have a history of working on brand building and results of effective sales. In the vast amount of material that is generated every day by Internet users, your offer must stand out and make you interesting. It also needs to make sales quickly and get you the price you set. This is exactly what Royal Space’s dynamic team will help you do.