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Interior Design Krakow


As a modern real estate agency, we do not recognize limitations, and in cooperation with our clients we want to give the best of ourselves.

Hence the origin of RS. Design, offering a comprehensive interior finishing service.

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Working in the premium real estate segment on a daily basis, we have the opportunity to stay in beautiful places. The interiors of these properties must be finished with attention to style and quality to fully meet the high expectations of their owners..

There are many property listings on the market that at first glance seem attractive. Once we look at their details and particulars, we notice a lack of quality and functional solutions. It’s as if someone prefers to take shortcuts.

Knowing the needs of our clients, we want to provide the Krakow market with high-quality interiors, with class and timeless design. We offer our service to both Investors who would like to multiply their capital and Individual Clients.

The entire service is based on the fact that we relieve our clients as much as possible from all finishing issues and provide the highest quality product.


The project’s highlights:



  • Interior Functionality.
  • Maximizing the use of the layout and exposure of the property in terms of finishing design.
  • Quality in materials used and movable fixtures and fittings.
  • Timeless Style.
  • Time saving for the Investor / Client.
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Who is the interior finishing service aimed at?

Profitable sales

For investors who would like to invest their capital, we do the whole process from A to Z. From finding a property, through functional design, interior finishing and then secondary sale.

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  • We refine the project down to the smallest detail, thereby increasing the value of the property.
  • We match the design and standard of finishing materials to the nature of the property and the type of clients to maximize profits while optimizing costs.
  • Since we work with a number of architects, the turnaround time is short, allowing investors to resell quickly.


For investors who need help with the functional finishing of the interior adapted to the needs of the future Tenant..

  • As a real estate agency with many years of experience, we are well aware of the needs of tenants, so in projects we focus primarily on practical solutions.

  • With the owners of the property in mind, we pay special attention to the fixed elements and their quality to prevent rapid exploitation of the property.

  • We match the design and standard of finishes to the nature of the property and the type of potential customers, to maximize profits while optimizing costs.


For your own satisfaction with your apartment.

  • We prioritize the client’s needs, keeping them in mind at every stage of interior design.

  • We are able to combine the client’s suggestions with our experience, so we create interiors that are not only beautiful and personalized, but also practical for use.

  • Since we work with many architects, the turnaround time is short, allowing for a quick move-in.



Individual approach

Every client is different, so we approach each project with a unique strategy tailored to their needs and preferences.


Sustainable solutions

In the design and finishing of interiors, we focus on sustainable solutions that increase user comfort while reducing the negative impact on the environment.


Using the latest trends

We are up to date with the latest trends and technologies related to interior design and finishing to create fully functional and stylish interiors.


Cost optimization

The most expensive does not always mean the best. We design interiors using the best solutions to optimize costs and increase property value.


Quick implementation

Working with a number of professional architects and finishing companies, we are able to complete projects in a short period of time, so that investors can quickly proceed with the sale of the property or lease it to potential tenants, and customers individually have to wait to move in.


Use of space

Thanks to the fact that we deal with all kinds of properties on a daily basis, we see trends where aesthetics or saving on finishes dominate over comfort, neglecting, for example, such an important issue as storage space. In our cooperation we are Advisors and we try to take all these elements into account.



Increasing the value of real estate

We are not afraid of complicated projects. We increase the potential of apartments with seemingly heavy layouts.


Cooperation with other specialists

We work with specialists in various fields, such as architects, installers and carpenters, to provide comprehensive services and increase the value of the property.

Each project is tailored individually to each client. What follows? We prepare an individual quote for each!

    RS. Design comes from the Royal Space real estate office, which gives us a broader view of what is important to both buyers and renters. We know the real estate market and its realities, which gives us an edge over our competitors.