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From Architect to Commercial Real Estate Agent by Kacper Kulisa

From Architect to Commercial Real Estate Agent by Kacper Kulisa

Starting from the beginning – I worked in the profession of Architecture for less than 6 years. In the meantime, I climbed the career ladder in successive offices where I had the opportunity and pleasure to work. Over time, it began to occur to me that despite the fact that I was doing what I liked, it did not give me full satisfaction.

The idea of re-branding began to germinate for several months before I made a final decision. The reason the choice fell on the real estate industry was because it had a relatively low entry threshold for me and was the complete opposite in terms of the nature and way of working. Instead of with a computer, I preferred working with people – which required me to get out of my comfort zone and I still see it as an exciting challenge. I wanted a job related to my original profession, where I could apply my knowledge and experience.


I came to Royal Space over a year ago and was struck by the professionalism from the very entrance. I made no secret of the fact that I was impressed by the building of quality marketing and the sheer exposure of the brand in the real estate market. Then I found out that the team itself is an asset without which nothing can be built. I mean, of course, the willingness to help and support each agent at every stage of development. This helped me a lot to find myself in a new situation and adapt fairly quickly. Behind every success are people, and every project requires commitment from the front and back office.


If I were to summarize my work so far, I would have to say that in a relatively short period of time I fulfilled all the long-term goals I set for myself at the very beginning. In addition, I managed to make some deals that I didn’t even dare to think about, which translated into record results at the end of last year. I feel that they came naturally in parallel with my development. This is a major achievement for me. I get equal extraordinary satisfaction from the work itself and the fact that I get to work with exceptional people.



At the beginning of an agent’s work, each of us starts very similarly – cold calling and working with clients in search of standard residential properties. There is nothing wrong with this, as it allows us to gain humility for this profession, but also to gain basic experience both with customer service and preparation of paperwork. I also went through this path, but because of my predisposition, character and disposition I found my niche which is commercial real estate. Each agent has the opportunity to clarify his direction in the development process.

I conclude that an Agent who deals with everything a little at a time will not be able to become a specialist in his field. In my opinion, the most important aspect of an agent’s work is to become an Advisor to the Customer. This is not only of great importance in commercial. Every transaction process must be started by finding a suitable property, carrying out the negotiation process to the point of mutual satisfaction and agreement by both parties to the terms of the contract. The whole process can drag on for months and requires patience and a cool head.



Last year I went through such a process twice (keeping my clients’ discretion, I will not disclose details). Both negotiation processes took more than six months. In one of the cases, the building in which the premises were located was “nearing completion,” and in the other, the Client had a reserve of time that he wanted to use to prepare parallel processes, necessary due to the specialized nature of his business. Each of the deals was completely different from each other and presented challenges for me. I worked with one of the deals on an off market basis, which is a difficult task due to the inability to publish the offer. I had to rise to the heights of creativity to attract potential clients. For the second deal, the premises were decorated with a large banner ad, and the interested customers, were representatives of various industries. In both cases, I put in a lot of work to see the transaction through to the very end, and this work resulted in more than just signing a contract. I gained a lot of new acquaintances, which I am now turning into another deal.

Meeting all sorts of people in this job is the best aspect of it. More often than not, they are people who are very inspiring individuals, and such people I personally admire for their courage and knowledge in their field. It is also immensely satisfying to know that I am helping to fulfill a vision for a business and see it begin to sprout – even though I am not a part of it, I feel that I set some mechanism in motion that resulted in its creation.