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What does “Off Market” mean in the real estate industry?

What does “Off Market” mean in the real estate industry?

When searching for a home, you may encounter the term “Off Market” in the context of a real estate listing. This means a property listed for sale, but non-publicly, meaning it is not available on any real estate websites. This represents a great opportunity for buyers looking for a specific property.


What is an “Off market” property?

This is a situation in which a property is sold without the seller advertising the property on industry platforms such as Otodom. In this case, the seller chooses to promote the property in a more private manner, targeting a select group of brokers and potential buyers without prior public announcement. Such off-market transactions are much more common than one might think, especially in markets such as Warsaw or Krakow.

In this situation, a person who plans to sell his property can consult a real estate agency that comprehensively handles such assignments. It is crucial that the agent has experience and the right contacts to reach specific people interested in exclusive listings that are not available to the public. Such a strategy also requires the agent to have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the specifics of the market in order to operate effectively.

In the traditional approach to selling real estate, the priority is to reach as many potential buyers as possible. Nevertheless, this is not always suitable for those who do not want to reveal their private spaces to the public. Off market aims to enable discreet but effective property sales.


The great thing about off-market homes is that usually sellers are not in a hurry to sell the property. For buyers, this has several advantages.

1. Allows you to get ahead of the competition
Off-market properties allow you to consider resources that other buyers may not know about. This can mean less competition, probably only one or at most two other potential buyers. In larger cities, this can significantly reduce the stress of getting an accepted offer.

2. High level of privacy
The lack of interest in selling can benefit both buyers and sellers. An off-market property provides a significant degree of privacy and control over the transaction for high-profile buyers who do not want to draw too much public attention to their purchase.

3. Security for the seller
Choosing to sell a property off market, known as Off Market, provides an extra level of security, which is especially important for those who have valuable artwork or luxury furnishings in their homes. Public disclosure of such information can attract the attention of potential thieves or scammers. Therefore, choosing an Off Market sale minimizes risk and increases security for the seller.

Although Off Market sales may be less well-known than traditional methods, they are becoming increasingly popular with both sellers and buyers. Sometimes there is a need for confidentiality regarding the sale of our property and to obtain a preferred price, and off market sales perfectly meet these requirements.

4. Professional support of the real estate office
In this day and age, where many real estate listings are available online, it is important to have a deep understanding of the market, the industry and the needs of potential clients. It is also crucial to skillfully identify potential clients so that the entire process can proceed discreetly and without undue publicity. Real estate offices often have the right resources, such as experienced photographers and videographers who can prepare high-quality photos and videos in an unobtrusive, professional, as well as reliable manner. The effectiveness of the office is based on building lasting relationships with clients and establishing trust.


There are some inconveniences associated with buying property outside the real estate market.

First, just because a property is not publicized on real estate portals, it does not automatically mean that it is a favorable offer. It is necessary to exercise caution and accurately determine the fair market value of the property. The best way to do this is to conduct a comparative market analysis, comparing it with the prices of similar properties sold in the last 6-12 months.
In addition, finding properties for sale Off Market can be a challenge. It requires more time and patience than the standard browsing of listings available on the Internet, and also requires the right contacts. An experienced real estate agent with the right connections can be a useful support, but it still requires patience. Off-market properties are not the best choice for buyers who want to finalize a deal quickly, and they can also be more costly.

It is important for a seller to be fully aware of the benefits and limitations of the off market approach, and to make a decision that fits perfectly with their individual needs and expectations. Some may choose more conventional methods of selling a property that involve a larger number of potential buyers.


To sum up…

Selling as well as buying property Off Market has its own benefits that are rarely found with traditional methods. These include less competition, privacy, more flexibility in negotiations and the chance to get a significant discount, making them attractive to many buyers.

However, Off Market real estate is not suitable for everyone. It takes considerable patience here and an experienced real estate agent who has the ability to maintain a sober outlook. There is also no guarantee that an Off Market property will be available at a favorable price, as some sellers use this method as a tool to assess the market. This can be a bit precarious, but it’s worth being prepared for such challenges if you’re considering buying such a property.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the effectiveness of this strategy depends on a number of factors, such as local real estate market conditions, the attractiveness of the property on offer and the preferences of potential buyers.

Before making a final decision, it is always prudent to consider consulting with experts to assess whether an off market sale is right for a particular property and the seller’s goals.
At ROYAL . SPACE we are ready to support you in choosing a sales strategy that takes into account the unique features and attractiveness of your property, and is tailored to the preferences of potential buyers. Our role is to conduct a professional market analysis and provide advice to ensure an optimal approach to the sale and the full potential of the property.